Dance in the classroom

Where: Stranmillis College Life Long Learning programme

When :January- March 2014

Participants: primary school teachers, students, parents with young children, community centre's managers young leaders

About the class

This course has been designed to provide participants with the basic tools and ideas to create and deliver a dance class. Each week we will learn a small dance routine ranging from Hawaiian and Latino american to contemporary and ballet rhythms. The tutor will guide you into the creative process  and will provide you with the skills and confidence to build a children's dance routine

Baby Ballet

Where? Helen Lewis dance studio, Crescent Arts Centre

When? Every Saturday for  6 weeks

Ages: From 2 years onwards


Mayte on 07723 814 532


A 45 mins class designed to give the kids a great early years dance experience. Through ballet exercises and music, children will develop coordination, balance, posture and flexibility. Delivered in a professional and safe dance environment, Crescent Arts Centre is conveniently located 5 mins walking from town. Bring a soft toy, water and wear comfortable clothes for you and your children.

731 - Hawaiian Dance Workshop

Crescent Arts Centre

Dance - with Mayte Segura
Saturdays 2-3 p.m.  | 16+ years | £70 12 weeks term

In this class you will be immersed in the wonderful Hawaiian dance world by dancing, exercising and having fun! You will learn hand, hip and foot movements from the Hula dances.
Not to be missed!

To book a place click here  Crescent Arts Centre


February 2012 

A week with Albatros dance company in Mexico which is a contemporary dance group for young people. I taught a Cunningham technique based class. We also worked out a choreography using their own movements.

Click here to see a  video of the class