Baby ballet summer 2018 DANCE,ARTS AND SPANISH!!! Book your place  NOW HERE!!

A great class where children will have the opportunity to dance and engage in a meaningful playful way. We will learn spanish using arts and games as children learn it in Latino American countries!!

Book now as places are limited!!

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£10 per day or £40 full week

About the class

Designed to enhance and promote early stage development our classes are structured according to the age group. Children are introduced to the wonderful world of ballet Using ballet music and ludic activities

Classes available for nurseries, kid's clubs and private events please contact us for details and prices

Times and Venues

Friday 3.30, 4.30  Saturday 9.30, 10.30   Sports Centre Queen's University Telephone: +44 (0)28 9024 5133

Wednesdays 12.30, Saturdays 12 and 1 Crescent Arts Centre

Enrolments open Now online or in person at the centre reception